Memorial Day is here and hopefully you will be displaying the American Flag at your house or business. But before you get Old Glory on the pole, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Memorial Day is a day that is held aside to honor and remember those who have fought and died defending The United States, The Constitution, and the freedoms we enjoy. It is worth reminding you that while the grills are fired up and the pools open, pray for the families who lost loved ones as well.

As far as the etiquette for how to display the flag on Memorial Day, according to code:

Memorial Day is one of nineteen days designated by the US Flag Code on which it is especially important to display the US flag. The Code provides that on Memorial Day, the flag should be flown at half-staff until noon (local time). At noon, it should be raised to the top of the flag staff.

There are dozens of parades in Western New York. As a matter of fact, we are so happy that our son, Hank, will be marching in the parade in the Village of Hamburg on Memorial Day with his t-ball team! I think he is more excited about the candy than anything. But this is another great opportunity to teach him about the price that is paid for freedom and what America is all about.

As far as seeing the American Flag during a parade, there is also a proper way to show respect.

If you are attending an event or ceremony where the flag is raised, please follow these Memorial Day etiquette tips for observing the US flag: Stand, remove your hat, place your hand over your heart, and remain silent for a moment.

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