Mmm cookies!!  Who doesn't love 'em.  My favorite, or at least top 2, are Keebler Soft Batch and Oreo cookies.  For some reason, when those are around my house or served at a party, they're gone instantly and I'm usually the guilty one.  What do you think America has picked as it's favorite cookie?  Is it Keebler Soft Batch?  Chips Ahoy? Oreo?  Well, according to the latest Harris Poll EquiTrend survey, America's favorite cookie is the......Oreo!  Yep, the delicious, cream-filled treat has earned the title of Cookie Brand of the Year.

#1- Oreo- 76.22% of the vote

#2- Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies

#3- Keebler Fudge Shoppe Fudge Stripes

#4- Nilla Wafers

#5- Pepepridge Farm Soft Baked Cookies