Easter Basket Battle
We have this argument at our house every year.  We all have our favorites, but what is the best candy to find filling your Easter basket?
Of All Time?
We watch them every year.  It seems like it's the same 10 or so movies that we HAVE to watch before Christmas.  We all have our favorites.  But lets find out right now.  What is the best Christmas movie of all time?
The F-Word
It's not something I'm proud of. My mom didn't raise me this way, but when I'm not on the air and I'm not around my kids, I have a tendency to talk like a sailor. By that, I mean that I curse quite a bit. But according to a new study, I'm not the only one.
You Pick Winners!
Another awards show is coming up and we want to know what you think. Here is a list of the nominees, along with a poll for you to answer who you think should win. We will then compare the results here with the actual results after the winners have been announced!

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