I stumbled upon this article with the catchy title, " It's true: New Yorkers don't sleep enough, drink lots of coffee", obviously I say "catchy" with sarcasm because my instant response was " well this is obvious". Many of you may be thinking the same way that I did,  this isn't new news, but after a quick read I learned some cool new facts I just had to share!

Siena College Research Institute, based in the Albany area, conducted a lifestyle poll of 802 New Yorkers asking questions related to their lifestyles, such as sleep habits, morning coffee rituals, health, money and a few others. The poll's director, Don Levy, shared these findings!

"Forty-eight percent of New Yorkers polled said they sleep no more than six hours a night...

"Older New Yorkers are more likely to get eight hours of beauty rest than younger residents"


"Over six in 10 start their day with a cup at least some days -- with over 40 percent having a cup every day. And of coffee drinkers, 60 percent have more than one cup a day.”


"Fifty-eight percent said check their email, text messages or social media accounts within the first hour of waking up...Twenty-two percent do it immediately when they open their eyes"

Levy stated that they also asked about health and money, and I was surprised the results were right in line with what I would have answered. Check out some of the questions and the Results Here. 

I really wish they would have called me, I would have loved to answer these questions. I can't, repeat CAN"T, start my day without coffee and I average 6 hours of sleep, but not at one time. I truly believe after seeing the results of this poll, laws should be made immediately that a daily nap time is mandatory in every workplace...Who's with me?!

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