Concerts are meant to be an escape for a bit.  You should be able to just go in and get lost in the music for a few hours...unfortunately though, you don't get to choose who gets tickets by you.

We waited more than a year to get back to live shows again.  Now that they're back, we're reminded that we aren't the only ones at these shows.  We are packed in with thousands of other people.  And they might not always enjoy shows the way that we do.

We got an email from an annoyed concertgoer about the experience they had at a recent concert here in Buffalo. This goes beyond the "Do we stand or sit at the show" debate. While it was directed at the one person who was sitting behind them, how many of us have sat by this person?  Any description of the person or the concert that they were at has been left out.

The listener writes:

To whoever the guy was behind me at the show the other night,


I just wanted to write this letter to you to let you know how obnoxious you were.  My wife and I don't get a lot of time together any more.  We are very busy and were on our first date this year.  While we both enjoyed the show, it was the things that came out of your mouth that stuck with us as we left.


It started when you showed up halfway through the first act.  We were all right in front of the speakers and you guys were still so loud, all we could hear was you talking.  And you weren't even talking about the show at all.  You don't want to see the opener?  Fine, stay outside until the main act comes on.


Then it was you complaining about wearing a mask that stuck with us both as we were driving home.  Do you know that you complained 11 times about it before the headliner even hit the stage?  I counted. It doesn't even matter what your political stance is about them...nobody likes wearing them. If you don't want to do it, make a stand and stay home. Last time I checked, you knew long before you bought your tickets that you would need to wear a mask.  That wasn't something that was sprung on you at the last minute.  You were like little kid crying about it.


Then when the headliner hit the stage, you start yelling out what the songs are going to be in order.  Nobody cares man!  Not sure if you were trying to prove how big of a fan you are or what the heck that was all about.  It's not hard to pull up a setlist from another city and read it off.  And guess what...if we really wanted to know what the next song was...we would have looked it up.  Shut up about it!  Let us be happily surprised.


I've mentioned this to a bunch of friends since the show and a lot of them ask why I didn't just say something to you then and there.  Does anyone actually think that would have helped the situation?  Or would it have escalated it?  My guess is that you would have made it MORE annoying.



I hope I never have to sit by you ever again


Is this the worst person to sit next to at a concert?  If not, what would make it worse?


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