Now that election day has come and gone, the write-in votes have been submitted, social media was flooded with photos of people posting their "I Voted" stickers, and victory and concession speeches given, there is only one thing left for politicians to do.

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Yes...this happens EVERY SINGLE year. Days, weeks, and even months after Election Day you will be driving down the road and you will come across signs asking you to vote for town councilman, Mayor, Supervisor, or whatever position a person was running for.

At this point, we have been looking at these signs for over a month and after the first Tuesday of November in my honest opinion, they become litter.

Now I know it takes more than just one person to run for office and chances are the person whose name is on the sign might not even know where all their signs have been posted but in the end, it is YOUR NAME on YOUR SIG, so it is YOUR responsibility to make sure the signs come down.

Are there rules in place for when the signs should come down? Yes, there are rules. You can read them HERE. So this makes it even more important for you to make sure you or your campaign staff go all around Western New York and take down your signs.

If you won, congrats. If you lost, I'm sorry there is always next time. If you are still waiting for all the votes to be counted...Good Luck.

But the election is over PLEASE TAKE DOWN YOUR SIGNS!

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