Oooo yay,  another somewhat meaningless poll.  I love 'em tho.  So.........the investment firm Morgan Stanley did a poll to find out what the "Most Hated Christmas Gift" was......  And coming in at #1 was......1. Cheap Perfume- who doesn't hate that.

2. Handkerchiefs- who buys them grandpa used those.  Didnt they stop making them in 1912.

3. Socks- True...not very fun, but handy and useful!

4. Packaged Toiletries- Who wants toiletries....I'm with this one !

5. Christmas Sweaters- Uh -oh.  As far as I'm concerned, they all should be tucked away in your deepest closet.  This should possibly have been #1If you are over 75 then

6. Slippers- Again, useful......I'd take a pair !

7. Chocolates- I say chocolates belong in the stocking, not as a primary gift.

8. Power Tools- I think some guys may argue this one.....Not me, I use duct tape!!!

9. Executive Stress Toys- Huh???

10. Kitchen Equipment- Hey, my mother bought me a toaster.....oops did I say that before Xmas

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