There was a very close call for a woman on an Amtrak train last night.  Thanks to a couple of local fire departments, the woman and her baby will be fine.

You hear about close calls with expectant moms all the time.  You would probably be surprised to see how many people have last-minute labor stories that actually worked out.

According to a post on their Facebook page, it looks like there was another one last night.  It looks as though a pregnant woman was on an Amtrak train when she started to go into labor.  The conductor on the train called ahead to the Evans Dispatch to see if someone could intercept the train and help the woman.  The Angola Fire Department took that call and was able to meet the train at the Main Street intersection.

They met up with a Lakeshore Fire Department Medic on the way to Children's Hospital.  It sounds like she was pretty far along in her labor as the baby was born on the way there.

Thankfully, because of those two departments, both the mom and the baby are ok.

When babies are ready, there's no waiting.  Thanks to the volunteers who were ready to take a call in the middle of the night, everyone will be just fine and this family will have an incredible story to tell.

Departments all across Western New York are almost always looking for new members.  If you think you might be able to help serve your community like this, call your local department and see what it would take to join.  They'll be glad you did.

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