If you believe in something, then I think you should fight for it. But there’s a time and a place to do it. When an officer of the law is giving you instructions, you need to follow those instructions. That is not the time or the place to fight.

I can’t believe the comments that I saw on Facebook about this video of a woman who was resisting arrest in Rochester. I’m sure that there are people who disagree with me, but if you are being placed under arrest, you don’t resist at that time. If you have to take it up with the law after the fact, then you do that. Get substantial evidence that will prove that the officer is wrong and take him or her to court. However, you don’t interfere with them while they are doing their job correctly.

(WARNING: Video is graphic with language and violence.)

What you don’t see on this video is what happened before the cameras were rolling.

According to the Rochester police chief, officers arrived on the scene because of a domestic dispute that was brought to their attention by neighbors. When they tried to arrest the man that you see sitting on the front steps in the video, his sister (the woman being arrested) intervened and attempted to use pepper spray on the officer.

What?? If you want to protect your baby, you stay out of a fight with the police. Just because you’re pregnant doesn't mean you don’t have to put your hands behind your back when you get arrested. You can’t throw punches and then be surprised when some get thrown back.

The officer in the video is currently still working and is being investigated.