Now that the weather is warming up that means concert season is upon us here in Western New York and if you plan on going to a show this Summer, there are certain things your fellow concert-goers don't want you to do.

We asked people from all over the 716 what is the one thing that annoys them about going to shows here in Western New York.

We got tons of responses (see all them below) but here are the Top 5.

1. Standing up in front of them - This was the most posted answer. People hate when other people stand up in front of them for the whole show. Also if most people are seated and only one or two people are standing blocking everyone's view.

Audience with hands in the air at a music festival

2. Getting too drunk and making a fool of yourself - Having a drink or two or five is fine but people hate it when someone becomes too drunk and is just making a fool of themselves. From running back and forth to the backroom to trying to start a fight, to just being sloppy, people are not fans of drunk fans at concerts.

two guys drink cocktail at the disco

3. Singing too loud - Sure you want to sing along with your favorite artist when they sing your favorite song but drowning out the artist on stage to the people around is a big no-no. Go ahead and sing, but just know the other people at the show paid to hear the artist sing, not you. Unless of course, your name is on the ticket.

Young People. Dance Club. Sing. Men. White Shirt.


4. Taping the whole show on your smartphone - Nowawday everyone has a smartphone, but people in WNY hate it when all they see is your phone high above your head taping the whole show. Live in the moment and enjoy the show with your own to peepers.

Hand with a smartphone records live music festival


5. Standing too close to them - This is my biggest pet peeve as well. Sure there might not be a lot of room, but you don't have to stand shoulder to shoulder especially if there is more than enough room to spread out.

Jorge Salgado
Jorge Salgado


Again those were the Top 5 most popular answers. Check out some of the others people gave.

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