It seems like we've gotten a spike in porch pirates the past few months in the Buffalo area, or at least videos of porch pirates being caught in the act.

According to WKBW, the latest one took place last week, as a porch pirate walked across a lawn and stole a package from a South Buffalo home in broad daylight.

The home belonged to Paul Alabisi and when he was told a package came for him by a fellow neighbor, he went outside and discovered it wasn't there. He took a look at his surveillance footage and found it was in fact, stolen off his South Buffalo home porch.

"I went out to to get the package and when I came out there was no package," Alabisi said. "At first I thought maybe he was playing a game with me or something and when I went and reviewed the footage of my camera..."

United States Postal Service Spokesperson Karen Mazurkiewicz gave some tips for preventing it happening.

"Put your mail on hold if you're away, getting it off the porch as soon as you see it's delivered, having someone else get it off your porch if you won't be home," said Mazurkiewicz

What did the thief get away with?...a part to a vent. Hopefully this porch pirate is identified.

Read the full story at WKBW.

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