It’s upsetting when any company announces layoffs. General Mills says they plan as many as 850 layoffs throughout their company as part of a plan to reduce costs and increase efficiency. There’s no word on how it will affect jobs at the General Mills plant in Buffalo. 

The Buffalo plant that produces Cheerios is clearly visible from Coca Cola Field. And when the breeze is just right you can smell the distinct aroma of the Cheerios being made.

The Buffalo plant traces its roots back to the early 1900’s when Gold Medal flour, Bisquick, Betty Crocker brand cake mixes, Wheaties and other cereals were made here.

Based in Minneapolis, MN, the company has a world-wide reach producing such famous brands as Pillsbury, Nature Valley, Green Giant, Fiber One, Yoplait, Haagan-Dazs and Latina pasta.

According to Wikipedia, the company employs 29,500 workers world-wide, around 18,000 of those in the United States.

They produce their products in 79 facilities around the world, 49 of them in this country.

One thing going in Buffalo’s favor is that Cheerios is the top-selling cereal in America and has been General Mills’ top brand since 1951. The Buffalo plant has been making them since they were first introduced in 1941. Originally they were called Cheerioats. They experimented with 10 different shapes and sizes before they settled on the “o” shape still made today.

SOURCE: General Mills, USA Today