Now that the holidays are officially here, Christmas trees and light displays can be seen all over Western New York.

When I was a kid, one of our favorite things to do as a family was drive around the neighborhoods and see all the gorgeous light displays that people would have. Not just homes either, but some people would go all out and put decorative lights on their trees and bushes.

There's just something magical about Christmas trees and there's some amazing ones this holiday season in Buffalo.

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Has anyone seen this spectacular tree in North Buffalo? I mean, talk about impressive. It honestly looks like something you would see in a movie!

Are those giant colored balls around the tree? Whatever they used, it looks stunning and probably hard for people not to admire when they drive or walk by.

My family was never into the colored lights for Christmas. My mom loves the traditional white lights for both the tree and decorating outside. I'm fine with both, as long as there are plenty of lights to display.

Have you seen any other amazing light displays in Buffalo? Or somewhere else in Western New York? Let us know and hey, make sure you send us your best light display for "Light Up Buffalo," which is going on right now!

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