When our kids were little, one of our favorite things to do with them in the fall was to go apple picking.  Where do YOU go for it?

There's just something about the smell of an orchard that will get you ready for fall.  When you pick the perfect sunny, yet cool day and you load up that wagon with a couple of bags worth of apples that makes it all feel right.  It's quality time spent with your family gathering food that you know will make them feel good and is good for them.

Everyone has their favorite type of apple.  Some like them tart, others like them sweet.  Some like them crisp and others like them softer.  Luckily for us in New York State, there are all kinds of varieties.

This year is a little different for some families here in Western New York as one of the most popular places to go apple picking in the south towns has closed permanently.  We used to always take our kids to Stonehill Orchard in North Collins.  The trees were small so they were easy to pick for young ones and the apples were delicious.  But this year they decided to close down their orchard and enjoy the time with their families instead.  It's something that we will definitely miss, but we have to respect their decision.  The trees have even already been moved!


So if you are one of those families that are now looking for a new place to go for that fall apple picking experience, where do you go?

Here is a quick list of 8 places to try that people love!  Who are we missing that should be on the list?

9 Places To Pick Apples In WNY

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