If you are looking for a new job, you might want to check out the openings with the Buffalo Sabres.

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The Buffalo hockey team is off to an amazing start so far this season and they are still looking to hire people to work home game days this season. I saw a friend post this on her Facebook page and noticed that one job on the list seems to be the best job ever.

While most of the openings seem to be normal jobs that you would find at a hockey club. But one of them really stuck to me.

The job of "Healthy Scratch Team member". You see in the world of sports if you are a "Healthy Scratch" that means you are not playing but you are healthy and could play but the coaches just didn't choose you. So you still get paid without having to do anything. Yes, you get paid to stay at home.

Wouldn't that be the best gig ever? You still collect a paycheck but you get to stay home, not work and do your own thing. I would take that job in a heartbeat.

Now before you get all excited and apply to be a "Healthy Scratch Team Member" just know in the world of business, Healthy scratch means something else. You would actually be working at the "Healthy Scratch Restaurant" located in the Harbor Center or the one at Roswell Park. Healthy Scratch is a restaurant run by Jessie & Kelly Pegula and features quick healthy food and drink options for people on the go.

Still a pretty cool gig. If you are interested in working with the Sabres, you can stop by for open interviews today and tomorrow.

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