If a machine went through and analyzed your tweets, would it put you on the naughty list or the nice list?

We have to be careful how we talk on twitter.  It could really give people a bad impression of how you live your life.

So if there was a machine that could analyze your language on the social media site and determine if you've been nice or not, would you try it?

Because it exists now.  It's from Zopa.com and they've gone through the trouble to create an algorithm to track sentiment and the language twitter users have used throughout the year to determine a Naughty or Nice score.

Give it a try.  The results might surprise you.  When I tested my twitter handle (@TheHitmanBrett), I found that I would end up on the naughty list (with a score of 61.54%).  Clay (@ClayUnplugged) from Clay and Liz Mornings did better than I did with a score of 72.97% and Liz (@Liz_Mantel) was even nicer with a score of 74.45% nice.

Want to try it yourself?  Click the link below...but then comment with your score so we know whether we should follow you or not!

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