It’s time for the Hometown Hero brought to you by Keller Chevrolet and Batavia Downs Gaming.  This week's Hometown Hero is originally from Eden, NY.  It's 25 year old Army First Lieutenant John Levulis!

John was a graduate from Eden Jr./Sr. High School in 2008. After graduating high school he moved on to join ROTC at Niagara University where he obtained his degree in Criminal Justice in 2012. He was commissioned following graduation at Niagara, and deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. Unfortunately, John was involved in a fatal car accident while driving from Fort Drum, NY to Fort Dix, NJ. A civilian vehicle hit the humvee that John and 3 other soldiers were traveling in, forcing it off the road. John passed away yesterday (May 7th) due to complications from his injuries. John was set to have his wedding shower this weekend with family and friends and marry the love of his life on July 18th. John's family would say that he had a smile to light up a room and had always dreamed of being in the Army. That's why John is our hometown hero as we remember him and all he has sacrificed. John will never be forgotten.

Words are not enough to console a family after a tragedy like this.  We want to thank First Lieutenant Levulis and his family for their sacrifice and are humbled as we call him this week’s Hometown Hero.

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Thank you once again to First Lieutenant John Levulis, this week’s Hometown Hero!