Police in Longmont, Colorado have closed a two-and-a-half-month arson investigation into a  mysterious car fire by determining it was a squirrel that started the fire.  The car owner was driving his car home on May 28th when it started smoking, then went up in flames.  Turns out the squirrel built a paper-filled nest on top of the car engine, and the paper ignited after the engine heated up. 

The original list of suspects was about 500 people, but police used surveillance video from the lot where the car was parked just before the fire to see the only possible culprit was the squirrel.

The car owner was concerned he was being targeted because he was in the middle of writing a book  about bank fraud that will name about 500 people. Firefighters found bits of paper when they put out the fire and investigators thought one of the people to be named in the book might be trying to send a message.