Are you ready to get away for a little bit?  If you're planning a trip, you should be aware that this will be the most expensive flight between Buffalo and another city.

Spring Fever is real in Buffalo, New York

We pride ourselves on being tough in Buffalo, New York.  We make it through blizzards and nasty weather for a huge part of the year.  As much as we love it here, there's no doubt that when we get gray skies for a couple weeks in a row, many of us are ready to fly somewhere warm.

A study was done to find the most expensive flights between cities

Recently a study was done by Upgraded Points to determine where the most expensive flights in the United States were.  Specifically, they were looking to find out how much it costs, on average, to fly between any two cities.

They looked at costs of around 6000 domestic flights and the statistics included one-way trips, aggregated as directionless city pairs, and the airfares for each city pair included both nonstop and connecting itineraries.

The data came from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Where do we go when we plan trips?

When looking at the data, they were also able to determine which cities we fly to the most from Buffalo.  Seven of the top 10 flights from Buffalo included trips to Florida, Vail and Aspen in Colorado, and Sun Valley In Idaho.

Which flights cost the most?

The study showed that distance definitely affected the price, but it wasn't the only factor involved.

"Distance traveled is one of the primary factors that dictates airfares. U.S. flyers traveling under 1,000 miles can expect to pay around $200 or less each way. Longer flights, over 2,000 miles, average around $346." - Upgraded Points

They found that the most expensive two-city pairing that includes Buffalo is the Boise, ID - Buffalo, NY itinerary, with an average one-way airfare of $403.32 or $0.21 per mile.  And that was actually around 9% less than it was last year.

Distance wasn't always the determining factor though. While the trip to Boise seems like a lot, it pales in comparison to a flight between Cleveland and Detroit at around $2.81 per mile or a trip between D.C. and Philadelphia which averages out at around $2.71 per mile.

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