Jennifer Lawrence Plane Had To Make Emergency Land in Buffalo
The plane was trying to get to New Jersey, but something went way wrong on Saturday afternoon and had to make an emergency landing for possible engine failure. According to WGRZ:
Helen Tederous, NFTA Director of Public Affairs, could not confirm that Lawrence was onboard the plane, however Tederous d…
This Man Walked Right Past Security At The Airport [VIDEO]
Honestly, what in the wold was this guy trying to do? Apparently, he walked right by security and had no intentions of stopping. You can see one officer who followed him up the escalator yelling to stop or 'he would be tased' multiple times and the man just blatantly ignores the officer...
Buffalo Niagara Airport Getting a $65 Million Renovation
It looks like the Buffalo Airport is going to be making some changes in the next couple years. It was announced that the airport would be undergoing a $65 million renovation through 2019. Just to note some of the renovations include:
- Changes to the baggage claim
- New kids play area
- A technology wo…
FAA Hiring 1,400 High Paying Air Traffic Controllers
If you need a job, you may just end up at the Buffalo Airport being an air traffic controller. The Federal Aviation Administration needs to hire 1,400 entry-level air traffic controllers. We hear that the entry position pays around $29,000,
Don't worry though, you're salary will go up...
New Buffalo App
They can't speed up your TSA line wait time, but they for sure can speed up your food ordering process!
The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is getting a new app that will allow Western New Yorkers to order food at restaurants in the airport so that it is ready to go when they get through T…

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