People will tell you how incredibly safe it is to fly.  But there were a lot of people who were terrified after nearly colliding on their way to Buffalo.

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You hear it all the time, "Flying is safer than driving."  Millions of people fly safely to their destinations every month.  But some passengers that boarded a plane in Philadelphia headed to Buffalo in September are claiming that they were almost in a horrible accident.

According to WGRZ, it was a regional jet that was only about 10 minutes into their flight when they took a quick change in direction that possibly saved their lives.  The plane went into a sudden nosedive that sent flight attendants flying.  One passenger says that one of them hit the ceiling then fell quickly to the floor where she remained for the rest of the flight.

People were screaming and wailing and holding onto each other throughout the rest of the flight.

The data that shows the flight path of that plane shows why it took that sudden nosedive - there was another plane headed almost directly for it at the same altitude.  This one was a small "general aviation" aircraft that was approaching from the east. They were headed right for each other.

I'm no pilot, but even I know that two airplanes can't occupy the same airspace at the same time without bad things happening.

The second plane was owned by Matthew Desch.  He is the CEO of Iridium Communications based in Virginia and was on a personal trip.

It's encouraging to know that the notification system to alert the pilots worked the way it should have and the pilots responded the way they should have.  This is why flying is considered so safe.  But man, that could have definitely gone in a different direction if either of those things had failed.

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