When people don't feel great, they often say the feel like they were "hit by a bus."  But when this former Buffalo Bill said it, he meant it literally.

You may remember Brandon Spikes from his time with the Buffalo Bills.  He also played for the New England Patriots during some of their glory years.

Today he tweeted out that he had a rough day.  Evidently he was hit by a bus at the airport.

You can see from the tweet that he is asking for prayers.  It looks pretty bad considering he's on a stretcher and it's not normally a good thing when it's a bus that hits you...hence the phrase, "I feel like I got hit by a bus."  We should hope that he's ok though considering that he tweeted it out himself.

There isn't any word on his condition at this time.

Spikes is one of the few players in the NFL who can say that he only played for two teams...and he played for both of them on two separate occasions.  He started in the NFL with the Patriots and played with them for four seasons.  Then he came to the Bills in 2014 and played with them for a season.  He returned to the Patriots and signed a one year contract with them in 2015.  Unfortunately that season ended quickly for him after he was released due to a police investigation dealing with an abandoned car belonging to Spikes, which was possibly involved in a hit-and-run.

He then returned to the Bills for his last season in 2016.  He is now retired from the NFL.

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