Mad Pooper
There is a female runner in Colorado who is leaving behind "a trail" at least once a week. Police are trying to track down "The Mad Pooper."
See Fla-Ga Line In Colorado!
Florida Georgia Line are one of the biggest acts in country music. Red Rocks is one of the most incredible concert venues in the world. We’re giving you a chance to experience them both.
And The Fattest State Is…..
There's  a new report on the skinniest and fattest states.  This one comes from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation!  According to findings, Mississippi tops the list with 35% of its population needing to drop some pounds.  The report also found that Colorado has the
Country Artists Weigh In On Shooting In Aurora, Colorado!
A handful of country artists have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on the shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, as folks were expecting to watch the premier of Batman "The Dark Knight Rises."  Artists like Reba McEntire and Steel Magnolia's Meghan Linse…
Arsonist Squirrel Set Fire To Car
Police in Longmont, Colorado have closed a two-and-a-half-month arson investigation into a  mysterious car fire by determining it was a squirrel that started the fire.  The car owner was driving his car home on May 28th when it started smoking, then went up in flames.  Turns out the squirrel built a…