Attention shoppers, Wegmans will be closing in 15 minutes.  That's a phrase we haven't heard here in awhile.  But three stores will be cutting hours soon.While we've enjoyed the luxury of a 24 hour superstore at the tips of our fingers with Wegmans.  Who hasn't found themselves either needing to take a big trip the night before a big get together or a family holiday to do some shopping, or just needing a late night beer run.  We've had that with Wegmans in the past, however, for three stores in Western New York, those hours will be changing soon.

Wegmans announced that they will be cutting the hours from 24 hours to being open 6am to midnight.

The stores in Western New York that are being affected are:

  • 675 Alberta Dr. Amherst
  • 601 Amherst St. Buffalo
  • 1577 Military Rd. Niagara Falls

According to WGRZ, this is the case for most of the new stores being opened across the country.  They are NOT 24 hour stores.

The new store hours are set to go into effect starting March 4th.

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