Country newcomer Austin Webb has a whole lot of fun singing his song 'Raise 'Em Up' at concerts. The fans love dancing along to his catchy new single and the lyric video captures the high-energy vibe of his live show, while giving a brief peek at life on a tour bus.

The lyrics flash across the screen in bold lettering, while fun and creative clip art is interspersed. Throughout the video, scenes from Webb's shows and lots of footage of him and fans raising their hands up are displayed, as well as jam sessions on the tour bus and shots of Webb interacting with his groupies.

'Raise 'Em Up' is the singer-songwriter's third single, a follow-up to 'It's All Good' and 'Slip on By.'

The song's energy, party-hardy message, and catchy beat coupled with the lyric video are enough to get anyone up and dancing -- and in search of some good live music.

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