It's been talked about for while but it finally happened this weekend...Avengers: Endgame officially surpassed Avatar for the highest-grossing movie of all-time.

Endgame passed he $2.79 billion threshold this weekend. Avatar held the record for nearly a decade with $2.789 billion worldwide.

The announcement was made at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday night by Marvel president Kevin Feige.

“A huge congratulations to the Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios teams, and thank you to the fans around the world who lifted ‘Avengers: Endgame’ to these historic heights,” Alan Horn, Disney co-chairman and chief creative officer, said in a statement.

Endgame is still second to Star Wars: The Force Awakens in highest-grossing movie ever in North America but Marvel's blockbuster made an impressive $1.9 billion internationally, including a staggering $1.2 billion in its opening weekend.

Endgame saw a re-release in theaters this past month with additional footage to help get it past Avatar.

Odds are some movie down the line will break Endgame's record but for now, Marvel fans celebrate!

In other Marvel news at the weekend comic-con, the studio revealed quite the lineup of upcoming movies and television shows that you can see here.

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