The birth of a child can really be exciting news.  A family is about to grow and bring a new life into the world.  So why shouldn't the announcement be just as exciting?  Here are some really cool ways to spread the news to your family.When my wife and I found out that we were going to have a baby, we simply sat our parents down and told them the news.  The second time around we had our daughter wear an "I'm gonna be a big sister" shirt.

These ones are a little more thoughtful!

1.  If you're having a baby around Christmas, why not use the gift idea to your advantage?

2.  If you're having twins, why not take the opportunity to get people's reaction by taking their picture after you make the announcement?

3.  I love the dad's reaction as much as I love the mom's on this one.

4.  My favorite of all.  My family is a huge board game kind of family.  If you've ever played Mad Gab you know how this game goes.  This is brilliant.