The Cadillac Four?
You never know who is going to show up at concerts these days...especially if you're in Nashville. Concert goers at The Cadillac Three show in Nashville got a sweet surprise when Steven Tyler hit the stage to sing "Sweet Emotion."
Reduced To Tears
That moment when you find out that your whole life is going to change is pretty emotional.  It can be for good, or bad, but when it hits you, your body just takes over.  You have no choice in how you react.
Jumpin' For Joy
Be cool. Be cool. LOL! I love this video! Mom and Dad find out they're going to be grandparents -- Dad acts cool...until no one is watching!
Pay What?
Can you name where any pay phones are in Buffalo? Or how about the last time you saw one? Sometimes we forget how far we've coming in just a little time. Watch as this kids sees one for the first time.
Caught In The Shower!
Ever since the Fairbanks installed a new bluetooth shower head their son Logan seems to have doubled his daily showers. So to get to the bottom of what the water waster was doing his dad snuck in and found his son doing this...
I find this hilarious only because we've all been there...
Oblivious Mom
When she figures it out her reaction is just about right! LOL
"MOM! Will you just understand what I'm doing right now!?!"
Betty White Celebrates Her 93rd!
Who doesn't love Betty White? Apparently, every morning on her way to the set of "Hot In Cleveland" her assistants greet her with a little hulas dance. This time the entire cast and production crew greeted her.
Peek A Boo!
When I was a kid growing up, my dad always had a big red beard.  That is, he had a beard until that one day that he surprised us by shaving it off suddenly.  I remember wondering who the heck that guy was that had just come out of our bathroom.  I can't even imagine if he had don…
Soldier return videos are always good for misty eyes, and there is no exception with this one!

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