This is huge news!

Roswell has gotten the green light from the U.S. Federal Drug Administration to start testing the first U.S. based clinical trial of the lung cancer vaccine called 'CimaVax'.

According to WGRZ:

Roswell signed an agreement with Cuban pharmaceutical company CIM to bring its experimental lung cancer vaccine to the U.S.

"With this landmark clinical trial, Roswell Park, America's First Cancer Center, becomes the first American institution to give CimiVax to patients," Dr. Johnson said. "We're the first center to get permission to sponsor for the U.S. testing of any Cuban medical therapy, to bring Cuban science to the U.S."

Keep in mind though, that the vaccine is not a cure, but it will control the cancer. The lung cancer vaccine is similar to when someone goes to the doctor for high blood pressure of diabetes; the doctor can't cure it per say, but will give you medicine to control it and live a very normal life. That is what 'CimaVax' and will start seeing progress within a year and a half, but usage will hopefully be available withing 3 to 5 years.