This guy had an axe to grind.

Proving that the customer is not always right, a man in Paris was so angry he was served cold French fries at a McDonald’s drive-thru that he whipped out an axe on the help. Hey, at least he had the smarts not to make a silly 911 call, right?

The incident took place around two in the morning. After the man, 26, complained about the fries, he jumped out of his car and swung the axe, smashing a window. Then, for good measure, he threw the axe, which landed inside the restaurant.

The man drove away, but police quickly caught him. The employee who was working the drive-thru suffered cuts from the broken glass.

On the bright side, perhaps the man was able to use the bright lights he was under in the interrogation room to warm up his fries.

[The Local]

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