There are few things that we look forward to more than seeing our kids happy! As much as your kid's favorite show or theme song annoys you, it is hard to turn them off when your kids love them so much. One of those songs that is way overplayed at our house is "Baby Shark". It's amazing how just writing those two words back to back can make that song get stuck in one's head.

The song and video have been viewed BILLIONS of times and that has lead to one of the biggest selling brands in the world.

If your kids love the Baby Shark brand, there is a recall that has been announced and it involves a popular Baby Shark bath toy.

Bath time at our house is nothing short of chaos! We have four kids under seven-years-old and when it comes to getting everyone clean and ready for bedtime, it can be a huge struggle. There are some who say that "we will miss these days". Although that may be true, and they are cute, when you are in the moment you would give anything to get them to just settle down. The hard part is trying to negotiate with a four-year-old! They are tougher to crack than some national leaders!

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