In yesterday morning's blog, I told you about my son's planned pheasant hunt for yesterday afternoon. Unbeknownst to me, Tyler decided to take our Golden Retriever Bailey along for the hunt. Bailey has never been on a hunt before, but he really surprised us. Tyler and his buddy Ronnie were hunting in the town of Alabama. Tyler was using my 12 gauge over and under and he let Ronnie use his Benelli Super Black Eagle II. The boys came home with two beautiful ringneck pheasants each thanks to Bailey. Even though he did not retrieve the birds, he was able to put up all four birds which allowed Tyler and Ronnie to shoot their limit yesterday. I am so proud of our dog. I am sure we will be taking Bailey along on future bird hunts. He loved being out in the fields and the blasts from the 12 gauges did not bother his ears at all.