I must admit my Spring Turkey season has been a complete bust. Between working and family duties and our latest home renovations, I have not spend any time in the woods this spring in search of a gobbler. However, a couple of my friends have had success this year.

Larry Graser harvested a gorgeous bird opening morning in Naples, NY at around 10:15am. This two year old bird had an eight inch beard. Larry hunted hard in the rain that morning in various locations on the property before closing the deal on this adult tom. He used a Benelli Super Black Eagle 12 gauge, which in my opinion, is the finest 12 gauge semi-automatic on the market today. We bought my son Tyler a Benelli S.B.E. and he has taken numerous geese and ducks with his. Congratulations Larry on a great bird.

We are always looking to see your hunting photos. You can email me here through my personality page at:  www.wyrk.com  Good luck hunting and know your target before you pull the trigger.

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