You be the judge on this one.

"Date Grape Koolaid" is a new drink at a Washington bar, and some are calling the name insensitive because it seems like a play on "date rape". But, is it really?

The bar has been getting threats and has been under fire for the drink name for weeks, but they have been calling out media sources saying that's not what the drink means -- not even close to it. The bar took to their Facebook page to say that:

The inspiration for the Signature Date Grape Koolaid Daiquiri. (besides it being simply the ingredients of the Daiquiri...) No one seems to feel the need to look up the phrase Date Grape.. in the Urban Dictionary. (no one did a fact check.. just twisted the meaning all together...

If you look up what the "Grape Date" definition is, you my change your mind. According to Urban Dictionary and multiple other online dictionaries, "Grape Date" means "When you and your loved one get drunk off of wine and end up hooking up."

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