Tis the season for grilling.  In my opinion grilling is the easiest way to cook up a delicious and satisfying dinner.  There’s less to clean up too.  Gotta love those paper plates.  But the debate rages on:  Should I go charcoal or gas?  To me, charcoal is the hands down winner.   Gas grilling is pretty much like lugging your good old kitchen stove outside.  You’ll get a bit of fresh air but your food won’t taste any better.  There’s no other way to get that distinctive delicious smokey flavor than with a charcoal grill.  You get the flavor from a combination of the wood itself and the grease from the meat enriching that special smoke when it hits the coals.  The covered “smoker” style grills with adjustable ventilation work the best.  If your number one priority is convenience than go gas but if taste is important its charcoal all the way!