I've been seeing so many more people out biking and walking lately now that it's spring and the summer is just around the corner. It's such a great time of year, and it’s also important to note that traffic on roads and sidewalks can be pretty busy as well.

Rich Barnes from The Barnes Firm — one of America’s largest injury law firms — recently joined me on my show to talk about this very topic and he had some really great and helpful advice about how drivers can safely share the road with both bicyclists and pedestrians.

One of the things Rich pointed out to me during our discussion is the fact that many motorists may not know that bicyclists have the same rights to use our highways — with the exception of expressways and interstates — that motor vehicles do.

Cars, trucks, and bicycles all having the same rights means they also have the same duties as well. That means that bicyclists are required to stop at traffic lights and stop signs, signal when they intend to turn, and yield the right of way to other traffic to avoid causing a bike accident.

We should all be aware of the rules of the road, whether we are a motorist or pedestrian. You may not know this, but pedestrian accidents can go a number of ways – fault could be placed on a motorist, pedestrian, or both. 

For example, a motorist could cause an accident by speeding or being distracted while driving. A pedestrian, for example, could cause an accident and be at fault because of jaywalking or not using crosswalks or a sidewalk.

With summer right around the corner in Western New York, you’ll see more kids playing outside. It’s important that everyone be alert and be extra cautious. Accidents can happen anywhere, whether a busy city or your local neighborhood.

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