Everyone has thoughts about the current events involving reaction to the death of George Floyd.  Tonight, president Barack Obama will share some of his.

The announcement was made earlier today that Barack Obama will be participating in a town hall discussion as part of a series from "My Brother's Keeper," a movement that was started years ago so that every boy and young man of color in America would know that their dreams mattered as much as any other child’s.

While he has spoken out on social media about the death of George Floyd and the events that have followed, these will be his first comments on camera.

He will not be alone.  He will be joined by police reform activists and public figures including former Attorney General Eric Holder.

If you'd like to catch the live stream, it will take place today (6/3) on Obama's website, Obama.org at 5pm eastern time.

As was mentioned before, everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about what should be done.  These days, we shouldn't shut others out but instead should listen to as many as possible.  We should take in as much information as is possible.  Listen.  Learn the facts about as much as we can.  Educate ourselves and be better.


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