Buffalo and Barstool Sports fans might get to witness Barstool owner, Dave Portnoy in Western New York!

It is no surprise being from the Boston area that Portnoy is a massive Patriots fan (for the record, he really loves Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, too.) Of course, Portnoy will have to come route on his team. He  announced he will be flying to go to the Big Ten College Championship on Saturday and then right after, get on a plane and fly to Buffalo to make sure he is in town for this massive Bills-Patriots game happening at Highmark Stadium. The 8-4 Patriots will take on the 7-4 Bills starting at 8:20 pm.

This is not the first time sports fans have been able to see the guys from Barstool this year. Earlier this year, Barstool fans were treated to seeing the guys from the Barstool Podcast 'Pardon My Take'.

PLUS: Get your popcorn ready. Terrell Owens is coming back to Western New York this weekend as well. Even though, Owens only played one season with the Bills in 2009, fans were ecstatic to have him for the time that they did. He will return to Highmark Stadium for the Bills and Patriots game as the 'Legend of the Game' where the Bills honor one former player each home game before kickoff.

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