In New York State, those who fish for bass between December 1st and June 14th can do so with artificial lures only.

The summer of 2022 and the fishing season are here and if you plan on fishing for bass in New York State, there are some things that you should know.

The "summer" bass fishing season is approaching on June 18th and before you hit the water, remember that you may need a fishing license! As a general rule, everyone 16 years or older must have a valid freshwater fishing license to fish in New York State. Whether you buy in person or online, plan ahead and have your license ready to show if you encounter a law enforcement official.

There are also laws regarding what you are using to attract the bass to your line. For example, you CANNOT use live bait for bass fishing before June 14th.

-Black Bass (Largemouth and Smallmouth)
-June 15–Nov 30 12" 5
-Dec 1–June 14 Catch and Release only,artificial lures only

We are so blessed to have the fishing areas and resources that we do. There are fishermen and women who come from all over the world to bass fish on the Great Lakes and the local ponds, rivers and streams can't be beat for bass, trout and walleye!

One of my favorite things to do now is take our three sons fishing. There is something magical about seeing the excitement of the the boys when they land a bass or even a blue gill/sunny! It is a great way to bond with kids, teach them about the outdoors and get them some fresh air. Maybe we will see you on the water or at one of our favorite fishing holes this summer!

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