The 2023 NFL Draft is officially over and the Buffalo Bills have a new weapon for the offense.

The Bills drafted Utah tight end Dalton Kincaid with the 25th overall pick, which was a trade up by general manager Brandon Beane. The Bills gave up a 4th round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars, in order to get Kincaid above the Dallas Cowboys.

Kincaid will be getting passes thrown to him by Josh Allen, who believe it or not, will be entering his sixth season in the NFL.

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It was five years ago that Allen was drafted 7th overall by the Bills. That was also a trade up, as Beane traded from 21 to 12 (trading tackle Cordy Glenn) and then from 12 to 7 to draft the Wyoming quarterback.

We all know about the group thinking that went on during the 2018 draft process, as many Bills fans didn't want Allen due to accuracy concerns while playing at Wyoming. After a rocky rookie season, Allen made big improvements in 2019 and then became a superstar in 2020. The rest is history.

What we didn't know was that Allen wasn't that impressive to Beane in his first meeting with the Bills.

Beane told Rich Eisen that they first met with Josh during the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama back in early 2018. Beane says that Allen wasn't "unimpressive," but that it was the least impressive meeting he had with him. Beane now knows Allen was very nervous in that meeting.

You can skip to the 3:57 mark of the video.

Allen's second meeting with the Bills was at Wyoming's pro day in Laramie, WY and that was the moment that Beane knew he was their guy.

I love hearing about this stuff. It takes a few years to hear about it but I love how honest Beane is when he talks to the media.

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