Who knew that a KFC could be so beautiful?

I’m a vegetarian, and I would even make a drive to see this restaurant. 

Before it became a KFC, this building used to be home to an old bank which is what makes it so beautiful. 

It has floor to ceiling windows and hanging lights to add to the aesthetic. 

Many have referred to this KFC location as the Crystal Bucket, and it makes sense when you think about where it’s located. 

Corning, NY is America’s Crystal City, home to all things glass and the Corning Museum of Glass, and the KFC is right outside of Corning in a town called Painted Post. 

This design is unlike any other KFC in the world, with a nod to its uniqueness of the region. 

Business Insider shared how they were able to create this one-of-a-kind KFC restaurant. With the exception of the main atrium, “everything about the building had to be repurposed to accommodate a fast food restaurant.”

They had to add a drive-thru to the location, especially because a majority of sales at a KFC occur in the drive-thru (approximately 70%).

The moment you dine-in though, you are seemingly surrounded by Colonel Sanders. The interior is covered with his likeness. They even kept a portion of the historic bank in the updated KFC!

Take a look at some of the pictures here.

It’s probably the nicest fast food restaurant you will ever see, and it’s not too far from Western New York.

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