Whether you'll be going to college this fall, or next, if you plan on staying in New York, you might want to check out this town.

A lot of people have already begun their search for a college.  It is such a big decision because there is so much to consider.  First of all, can you afford it?  Are there scholarships and grants available to be earned?  Does it focus on the things you want to learn?  Will it set you on the right path to achieving the career you want to achieve? Do you want to stay in-state or move out-of-state?  Do you like the campus and the town that it's located in?

If you plan to stay in New York and the last question is one that is super important to you, you should probably look at Ithaca, NY.  They were just named one of the "Best Small College Cities" in America for 2023.

The study was done by Wallethub with the goal of finding a college town or city with "a reasonable cost of living, as well as one that provides good academic and work opportunities, and a fun social environment to help students deal with the stress of college.

Ithaca came in 19th overall, and 8th when compared to other small cities and towns.

Ithaca is home to both Ithaca College and Cornell University and is also close to SUNY Cortland, so if you wanted to check out a bunch of different colleges all in one stay, Ithaca would be a perfect choice.

It is an incredible college town with tons of things to do.  Because the population is made up mostly of college students, almost every aspect of the town is aimed at them.  From shopping to bar and restaurant life, they're all focused on the students that live there, even if it's only for a few months of the year.

The scenery is amazing.  Their tagline is, "Ithaca is Gorges" because of the actual gorges that are there.  If you're looking for a picturesque campus, you won't find many that are more beautiful.

I'll let the tour guides sell you on their individual colleges, but if you're looking for a great place to spend four or more years furthering your education.  Ithaca is a pretty great choice.

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