Country music's best album of the 21st century should have the sales, the awards, the acclaim and the fame, right? Or maybe for you, it just has that one song that recalls a perfect moment in your life.

It's subjective — an album you love may be a total bore to someone else. We've picked 20 highly-rated albums for consideration and discussion. These are the albums that nabbed the fame and glory, and a few you've probably forgotten about or never even thought of, because you were too young in 2001 to appreciate them.

Miranda Lambert, the Dixie Chicks and Eric Church each have multiple albums to choose from in this poll. There's one soundtrack, three Country Music Hall of Famers and a 50/50 shot that you're going to be mad that your favorite post-2000 country album isn't here for you to vote on. Sound off about it in the comments section, because we're listening very closely!

The Best Country Album Ever? Here's Our Top 100!

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