We make a pretty big deal out of our blue cheese here in Buffalo.  So if you had to nominate a restaurant or bar for having the best, which would you choose?

In Buffalo, we don't dip our wings in ranch.  I mean...some people do.  And some people get really offended over it.  I'm not one of those people but it's just kind of like, "how could you do that?"

Our thing is wings with blue cheese.  Our football players have their own brands.  We wear it on our t-shirts.  It's a cultural thing here.

But what makes the best blue cheese?  Do you like it chunky?  Do you like it creamy?  Should it be thick?  Do you like an actual strong blue cheese flavor or do you like for that to be a little more mild?

Everyone has their own preference.

That's what made this kind of interesting to me.  There was a thread on reddit asking the same exact question, and there were a bunch of different answers from the north towns to the south towns.

We're looking for the best blue cheese.  The stuff that's so good you don't just dip your wings...you scoop the blue cheese with it.  And while Rooties is good stuff to buy and have at your house, it should be homemade.

Here is the list that reddit contributors thought were the best.  I want to be clear, this is not my list of favorites.  Which restaurants or bars do YOU think should be on this list?

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