Everything we log on or in to these days requires a password of some sort. From email (if you still use that) to social media and banking systems, there are even some websites that need double passwords or duel authentication. But just when you think you have it all figured out and are rolling along, boom, you are required to log in and change your password. After doing this a few times, you may run out of ideas or perhaps the strength of your password is weaker than the website advises. Here is an idea that I stumbled on at home.

We have three kids under 6-years-old and like most families with young kids, we have the alphabet and number magnets decorating the front of our refrigerator door. Although many of the letters and numbers have magically disappeared, there are enough left on the fridge to entertain the kids for a minute while we get dinner done or pour their 200th drink for the day.

I noticed that our three-year-old was randomly organizing the letters and numbers on the fridge this week and when he was done, he asked what the word he created was? It was just a jumbled string of nonsense. BUT, it made me think how unique this string would be for a password. I thought maybe we have found a new way to come up with some sort of strong password that would be completely different from the usual and ordinary passwords I have been trying to come up with every other month. Snap a photo or write them down, but let the kids imagination take over and voila, new passwords.

Genius New Password Hack

These magnets are available just about everywhere and are pretty inexpensive. But they do seem to end up under missing often so I suggest that you buy a second set of letters and numbers as a backup.

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