Warmer weather here in New York means more and more motorcycles will be on the roads and there is one place in the state that offers riders a great place to hit the open road.

According to Autoinsurance.org, Islip, New York is one of the top places for motorcyclists in the entire country. Islip was ranked as the 38th best place in the country for motorcyclists based on three factors.

Average yearly precipitation
Average Daily Temperature
Annual motorcycle deaths per one million people

Islip has on average 115 days of precipitation during the year. The average daily temperature is 45 degrees, but many of those low cold temperatures happen during the winter with more favorable temperatures happening during the Spring and Summer.

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On average, there are 6.86 motorcyclists deaths per one million in New York State. With those three average numbers, Islip was one of the best places for motorcyclists in the county and the top place in New York State.

If you like to ride, the number one spot on this list sounds like a great place to ride your bike, but it might be a bit hard to get your motorcycle over there.

The number one spot is Kahului, Hawaii. It has only 88 average days of rain per year, an average temperature of 77 degrees, and on average 16 motorcycle deaths per one million people.

There are also plenty of open roads to ride out there but getting your bike out there might cost you a pretty penny. On average it would cost you around $1200 to ship your motorcycle to Hawaii.

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