You're free! Now that you've successfully gotten your day off from work, it's time to take that day and make good use of it! Check out my list of uncovered hooky hangouts.1. Bus bench on the corner of West Delavan and Elmwood Avenue.

Okay, so before you call me crazy I picked the park bench for its surroundings. Look to your left and you're staring right into the graffiti side of Jim's Steakout. Look to your right you're reading the Great Wall sticking out from the corner of that Chinese Restaurant. Directly across from Jim's, you're at the door of Elmwood Tacos and Sub's. Next door you've got Starbucks. Moral of the story? You're surrounded by food. To top it off all of these places have outdoor seating, which is a must on Elwood Avenue for all the great people watching.

2. Spirit of Buffalo

So I've never even heard of this before but it sounds awesome! What better way to spend your day off then casually taking a sailboat out on the water. Talk about relaxing! Day sails are $28 for a 2 hour ride. You can help hoist the sails if you want but I think I'd just go for the view and the fact I could finally say "I'm on a boat!"

3. Albright-Know Art Gallery

There's a lot of neat art in Buffalo and a lot of it lives in the Albright. If you're not an art person this place also applies to the it's located in a really cool place kinda thing. Not only is the gallery filled with art, slam poetry, and events, but also directly across from it you've got Delaware Park, which really looks beautiful in the summer. And you won't be alone! You've got the water and the rose garden and you'll usually find a lot of people out here on a summer afternoon just running around or hanging out.

4. City Hall observation deck

I definitely want to check this out not only because I had no idea it existed but ever since our Buffalo then and now series I've developed a new found appreciation for the city of Buffalo. I'm not saying you should too, but it sounds awesome to go all the way up City Hall and just chill up there.

5. The Buffalo Zoo

The zoo has a lot of activities that could turn your day off into an outing at this place with the family. They always seem to be updating their activities and exhibits so it's worth it to check out this place once in a while.