Students all across Western New York will be heading back to school next month and as a parent, you hope that their school is giving them an amazing education. So how does your child's school compare with other schools in Western New York?

US News and World Report released a listing of all the best schools in the country and then breaks down that listing to the best in each state and then the best in each region.

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We found the Top 10 best-ranked public high schools here in Western New York. To get the school rankings, US News and World Report used six different categories to base the rankings.

College Readiness - How well the school gets students ready for college
Math and Reading Proficiency -  How well students do on state exams
Math and Reading Performance - How well students do compare to other students in the same grade level in different schools
Underserved Student Performance - How well minorities students do on exams and overall grades
College Curriculum Breadth - What percent of 12th graders are taking AP or college-level classes
Graduation Rate - How many students graduate from the school.

Each school in the area was put through the same metric system to determine where they ranked not only here in Western New York, but also where they ranked in New York State and overall in the entire country.

There was no bias on where the school was located or how many students are enrolled at the school. The numbers are all based on a percent of the student body.

US News and World Report put out these rankings every year and some schools from last years Top 10 have dropped out while others have moved their way up.

Top 10 WNY Public High Schools According To US News and World Report

Check out the latest ranking of Public High Schools in WNY according to US News and World Report.

If your child's school didn't make the Top 10, you can click the box below to see all the rankings and see where your school came in on the list.

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