Now that we're past the Thanksgiving weekend, the holiday season is officially here in Western New York.

Christmas shopping, holiday decorations and just the spirit of it all fills the air. It's so cool to see that flip switched the second that Thanksgiving evening rolls around.

Snow is not really something Buffalonians frown upon during the month of December, although, we certainly don't want or need a lot of it at once (sorry lake effect). The snow does add to the aesthetic of the holiday season.

When I was a kid, my dad and I used to drive everywhere to look for great gift ideas and explore what Western New York has to offer during the holidays. I loved driving down certain roads because they just "felt" like Christmas.

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The decorations and lights that homes would display in the country. The red bows or ribbons on fences. The wreaths on light poles. Driving in the country or on a main street, we certainly have plenty of options for great drives in Western New York during the holiday season.

As you could probably guess, many of them are in the country, but some awesome in-town drives as well, to put you in the holiday spirit.

Here are the best Christmas drives in Western New York during the month of December.

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