If you are going to put a sampler platter on a menu, there are some items that you simply must have!

I was on a recent trip to Tug Hill in New York and we tried just about every sampler platter we could find along the snowmobile trail. Why? Well it is the perfect snack for a group of people to order. There is enough to pass around and there is also a good variety of items for those who love something a little different. After a week on the trail and the daily sampler platter orders, and the fact that we have some fantastic samplers here in Western New York that I have tried, I feel as though I am a bit of an expert. A sampler platter critic if you will. If you are putting together a menu for your tavern , bar or restaurant, you simply must have these items. It is cool if you want to add extra items. But if you leave any of these out, you are doing it wrong!

5 Must Have Items On A Sampler Platter

Don't forget the sauces. Having the right sauces can also make or break the platter. Blue cheese, ranch, hot sauce and barbecue sauce are all necessary for the best presentation.

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